Not Deleting Project Data After Uninstall/Reinstall ODK Collect

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
Hi! I LOVE the new "Projects" feature of ODK Collect. I'm trying to DELETE ODK Collect from my phone, and re-install it from scratch so that I can show my data collectors how to set up their own phones for the first time. However, when I re-install ODK Collect, all my project data still shows up - so when it comes up for the first time, all my old project details have somehow been saved and restored. I cannot figure out how to delete the project settings from the app.

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
ODK Collect version: 2021.2.4

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?

  • I've tried to uninstall ODK Collect by 'long-holding' the app on the phone and clicking uninstall from there.
  • I've tried to uninstall ODK Collect by clicking 'uninstall' from the Play store.
  • I've tried to go to the ODK Collect project (each project) - click on 'Settings' --> 'Project management' --> 'Delete' ('All blank forms, submissions and settings will be permanently deleted' --> 'Yes')
  • I've tried to go to the ODK Collect project (each project) - click on 'Settings' --> 'Project management' --> 'Reset' (clicked all the options-->'Reset' --> Success-->'OK')--> then 'Delete' the project
  • From there - it gives me a page that looks like no Projects are present - it says 'Collect data anywhere' and gives me two options 'Configure with QR code' and 'Manually enter project details'
  • So then I figured the data was gone. So I THEN uninstalled ODK Collect again. And then I restarted my phone. And then I re-installed ODK Collect. And the projects were there, signed in, all the forms there, as if I'd never deleted anything.
  • I also tried to delete /sdcard/Android/data/ and phone/Android/data/ and deleted those files. And still, when I reinstalled ODK Collect - everything was there.

I have not tried completely doing a factory reset of the phone.

4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

Is anyone else able to recreate this problem on their phones? It seems like my phone is storing the details somewhere else that isn't in the ODK data files on my phone, and is able to access the data, server settings, username/password, etc.

But it feels like I can't for the life of me delete the projects off my phone...

Any chance you have Samsung or Google backups or something similar turned on?

Very possible, maybe that's it. I tried on an old Android, and was able to get it to work as expected.

The next time I signed onto ODK on my normal phone, then it seemed to have deleted the projects.

So I wonder if some backup picked up on my old phone having no projects, and then updated that onto my new phone?

Thanks so much for your message. If I figure anything out definitively, I'll try to remember to update it here in case anyone else experiences something similar.

Again, AWESOME feature!!!! I am over the moon in love with it!