Not using Google Console

Hello. I have been using the trial version on Google Project. As it is only for 2 months, my institute is ready to give me storage space. how do I proceed with the ODK aggregate now? Will putting the link of the server in the Excel of the questionnaire be enough to run the project? Please guide.

Hi, @SamP! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When you say that you've been using "the trial version on Google Project", do you mean the Google Cloud Platform's free tier? If your institute is willing to pay for more resources for the Aggregate server you're running, it would be enough to link a billing account to your GCP project.

If you also want to use bigger sized servers with more resources (memory, cpus) you might need to take extra steps. Although the Aggregate Setup docs setion covers this, I'd like to ask @yanokwa about that, since I haven't ever done that and I'm not sure.

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@ggalmazor is exactly correct that all you should need is to add billing.

We have documentation to increase web server size, but it's very unlikely you'll need to do that.