Number of points I can collect when using Geotrace function

Me and my colleagues are tracing roads using the Geotrace option on ODK collect. We've been using both the manual and automatic location recording methods. We've recorded up to 50 points for some of the roads as they are quite long but unfortunately when we submit the forms to the server (ODK Aggregate on Crabdance) most of the points that were recorded don't show up. We've also tried to download the KML but the geotraced areas are still not coming up. Only about 8 to 12 points show up out of the 50 plus points. I've attached some screenshot below.

This is the screenshot of the points that were taken on the Collect App
Screenshot1 This is the screenshot of the points after the form was submitted. As you can see, there were many points submitted and only a few are showing up on the server

Hi @ebonyjean

Thanks for reporting this problem.
I was able to reproduce this issue.
I noticed that the maximum number of characters is 255.

I created issue

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Hi, @ebonyjean!

The default field size in Aggregate is set to 255. Users can add an odk:length attribute in the <bind> elements to increase the size of fields to fit their data. This is recommended in geo fields like the ones you're using.

More info at and in the warning at


Thank you :slight_smile: @mmarciniak90

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Thank you for your help @ggalmazor

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