Number of repeats for n number of household members for n number of households

I'm building a form for a micro-census in the northern part of Nigeria. There is a section of the form that asks for the number of households, within that there is the number of household members and each household member has a series of questions that he/she needs to answer, however, after building the form, i discovered that I can only fill info for the number of household members for the first household. Supposing I entered 5 households, I can only fill information for n number of household members for one household. What code can I use for this, i'm guessing this is still a repeat function

Hi @maximilian

Generally, you need to use repeats. It's difficult to say what's wrong with your form. You can attach the form if you still are not able to achieve what you want.

Hello @Grzesiek2010 kindly find attached a snippet of the ODK formSampe ODK form with repeat function.xlsx (13.2 KB)


I can't test your original form because it's broken (lack of a choices sheet for example) but I copied only that fragment you are talking about: sam.xlsx (22.1 KB)
and it looks ok to me. If I answer let say 3 in Number of households I'm able to fill info (all questions) 3 times.

Thanks. Using your example, if there are 3 households, and in each household, there are 3 household members, ISampe ODK form with repeat function.xlsx (16.8 KB)
need to feel some info for each of the household members. For now, I can only fill for the first household but not for the remaining two. This is where I'm stuck. I've attached an updated file with the choices sheet.


If I understand everything you just need nested repeats. Please take a look at this example:
samX.xlsx (34.1 KB)