OData Connector to Google Data Studios

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Hey Guys has the Odata Connector for Google Data Studio been removed? Im having trouble finding it, I remember using it recently but now I cannot find it now, and my previous dashboards that were using the OData Connector are now showing as invalid.
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ODK Central and Google Data Studio

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I am also trying to finger out to reconfigure because I am also not able to find a Google Data Studio connecter for ODK.
I hope this problem will be fixed soon.


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Is there anyone who is able to resolve this issue? Or able to find out any solution for this problem?


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Hey guys just wanted to follow-up if there has been any update in regards to the odata connector on Data Studio, if not is there a place i could find some video tutorials for OData endpoints to create reports, not using PowerBI and Excel

Here's the update: Repeats with Google Data Studio Connector - #21 by samlevy

Thanks for that will definitely have a look