OData - How to query DateTime greater or equal to given value

To filter data within a specific date range using OData functions, you can apply the date function to retrieve submissions based on a particular date. please resolve the solution

......../Submissions?$filter=start ge datetime'2023-09-22' and end le datetime'2023-09-22' i tried this query its showing
"message": "The given OData filter expression references fields not supported by this server: start at 0",
"code": 501.5,
"details": {
"at": 0,
"text": "start"
} error. please help to fix the query

Hi @jackson93,

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Try changing your query to something like:

.../Submissions?$filter=__system/submissionDate ge 2023-11-13T00:00:00.000 and __system/submissionDate le 2023-11-17T00:00:00.000

__system/submissionDate is a known system property of Submission that can be used in OData filters with the le and ge comparisons you have discovered.

(start and end are probably something you saw in a Central URL but that is separate from the OData API.)

I don't think you need datetime in your query.