ODK 1 Developer Call - 2017-12-06

At the last developer call we talked about organizing and announcing each call well in advance. We decided we would try having separate threads for each call to keep the conversation organized. So let’s discuss our next call on December 6, 2017 from 14-15 UTC (see in my timezone)!

Notes from the last call

High-level agenda items:

We had a “data outside the form” theme for one of the previous calls and I thought that was a helpful way to focus the conversation. For this call, I’d like to propose a geo theme. Possible topics include:

  • XForms geo spec
    • Collect getting in line with geotrace / geoshape specification
    • After that spec alignment, will there be a need for an appearance to enable/disable manual point selection?
    • Best spec approach to addind automatic point collection as being implemented by @Raghu_Mittal
    • How to get feedback and announce big changes that are coming up?
  • What are some things we could do in Aggregate to make working with geo data easier?

These are just ideas -- if you have other topics you’d like to discuss, please suggest them in this thread!


@LN Has been yelling at me about my terrible commit history. It'd be good to talk about how we get to a stage where every PR has a nice meaningful history.

I would like to give update on First launch experience and Collect developer docs. It would be great if there is bit of discussion of "repeat" interface (I would like to make some improvements on nested repeats).


Looking forward to chatting soon! The call is today for some of you and tomorrow for me -- December 6, 2017 from 14-15 UTC (see in my timezone).

Join at https://www.uberconference.com/opendatakit

I have updated the meeting doc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hszoTRzWG5W04JXgcBzE7BcdEZGB75lA8tftTNZ5lzA/edit# We can also wish @Akshay_Patel a happy belated birthday! :cake:


Hi all! Regretfully, due to an unfortunate coincidence of events (annual meeting at the Equatorial Guinean Ministry of Health), I won't be able to make today's call, but I hope it's a productive one. Hopefully, I will talk with you at the next!

It was great talking to everyone on the call today!

I've put the meeting notes, call audio, and chat transcript in the developer calls document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hszoTRzWG5W04JXgcBzE7BcdEZGB75lA8tftTNZ5lzA

The next call is: January 3, 2018 from 14-15 UTC


Hey, really sorry. I couldn't make it for the call because of being stuck with some work. I wanted to participate to discuss the Auto-gps feature. Anyways, I will listen to the call audio and connect back on the feature implementation.

It's ok, @Raghu_Mittal! We ended up saying we'd keep the conversation on the forum because there weren't many participants with deep knowledge of the form spec.

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Thanks @LN, just had a listen to the audio conversation. Seems like I didn't miss much on the auto-gps.