ODK 1 Developer Call - 2018-11-07

ODK 1 Developer calls bring together the developer community to discuss issues that concern us all. Everyone is welcome to participate in these calls.

The calls are held on the first Wednesday of every month on UberConference from 14-15 UTC. We try to send out a reminder on Slack the day before.

We put the agenda, audio, and transcript of every call at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hszoTRzWG5W04JXgcBzE7BcdEZGB75lA8tftTNZ5lzA

Our next call will be Wed, Nov 7th, from 14-15 UTC (see in your time zone). Will you be there?

  • I will be there!
  • I can't make it this time but I'm interested in future calls

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If there are topics you would like to add to the agenda, please comment below. :point_down:

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I believe from Facilitator wanted for monthly calls that the topic will be seeing what possibilities there might be for participating in Google Summer of Code or Outreachy in 2019.

There are also some notes on the topic at GSoC and Outreachy 2019: What is the plan?.

Have a great call and if I can answer any other questions, please ask on that thread!

Thanks for remembering, @LN.

I see that I'm the only one that's going to make it to the call. I'll wait for 5 minutes in case someone shows up :slight_smile:

Heads up!

Only @Matthew_White and I were present and we dediced to end the call prematurely.

We mentioned that we can move the conversation about GSoC/Outreachy to Jeff's thread

Next month's dev call will be facilitated by @Matthew_White and @issa, who will demo the latest and coolest ODK Central :tada: I'm looking forward to that :wink: