ODK 1 on GCP App Engine


We have an ODK aggregate server setup on the GCP app engine. We have around 15 forms and the system has around 60 unique users everyday collecting data that is stored in Fusion tables. Monthly cost averages around $900. That that expected? How can we reduce the cost?


Hi all,

@rkchak and I are working on this project together. In addition, I set up a new ODK Aggregate server to test the difference verse our production system. Without pushing any forms to it, we are charged exactly $13.95 per day. Does it make sense that we are being charged that much for running the instance 24/7?


I found this in a 3-year old post on this forum. Is it true that GAE will shut down the instance automatically if it is unused? Does that need to be configured?

App Engine automatically manages the instance life cycle. https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/standard/java/how-instances-are-managed#startup has more.

The major driver of cost on App Engine is Datastore Reads. If you have any traffic, you can absolutely incur costs without pushing any forms to it. See https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-app-engine-legacy/#minimizing-fees for more information.

$900/month seems unusually high, but if you used the biggest machines, large forms, and use Briefcase hourly, then I suppose it's possible.

This opaque pricing is one of the reasons why are removing Google App Engine support. If you are setting up a new project, it might be easier to go with a Digital Ocean or Google Cloud where performance and pricing is predictable. Oh, and you probably know this, but Fusion Tables will shutdown in December.

@yanokwa Thank you for the information!

It seems our problem is due to this issue.