ODK 1 TSC Call - 2018-10-03

ODK 1 TSC calls bring together the Technical Steering Committee to discuss roadmaps, working groups, and other issues of technical governance. Everyone is welcome to come to these calls, but only TSC members may talk.

The calls are held every two weeks in our UberConference room from 16-17 London time. We put the agenda, audio, and transcript of every call in this document.

Our next call will be Wed, Oct 3rd, from 16-17 London time (see in your timezone).

If there are topics you would like to add to the TSC's agenda, please comment below. :point_down:

Dear @TSC, I believe our agenda is ready to go.

There are a couple of changes since I first posted it. For the roadmap check in:

This is going to go fast so would be helpful to have as much context as we can! I think the goal for each should be to identify what questions are remaining to move the issue along the roadmap path.

I originally had Standardize on ISO8601 for date and time exports in Briefcase, Aggregate, Central on there but I think we have enough to discuss. There are still some open questions for that which we can discuss asynchronously.


Oh man!! That's so unfair for us timezone-challenged folk... :cry: [if I wasnt fighting off a nasty cold I might even have set the alarm to make this one! haha].

Oh well, I'm sure Guillermo will do me proud! :wink: Enjoy.

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Here are our action items for the 11/17 call:

  • @yanokwa: contact Apache, Downey, nodejs for examples of governance procedures to bring in projects
  • @tomsmyth : Continue on the guidelines/process for adding ODK tools

SMS workflow

GeoJSON export

  • @ggalmazor add examples of keys (Done in the spec)
  • All: review and ask additional questions

Briefcase export and Collect gdrive submission options without group names

  • Aurelio will write spec and check Build’s behavior (Done here)
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