ODK Aggregate 1.0.6 Production Release is now available for download

ODK Aggregate 1.0.6 Production Release is now available for download.

Key features:

(1) publishing of forms from Build into Aggregate 1.0.6 is now enabled when
ODK Aggregate is deployed to Google App Engine. More generally, Oauth 1.0
access is enabled for all Google App Engine deployments (only) of ODK

(2) when a publisher fails due to bad credentials (401 Unauthorized),
Status changes from "ACTIVE" to show a "Refresh Credentials" button on the
Form Management / Published Data tab. Clicking this button will refresh
your credentials, avoiding the need to set up a new publisher.
Unfortunately, because it redirects to Google's pages for user
confirmation, this must remain a manual sequence.

(3) A "Purge Submissions" button has been added to the Form Management /
Submission Admin tab. This allows you to select a date through which all
submissions data will be removed. This is useful if you are using
Aggregate as a funnel for your submissions and maintain your data of record

(4) OAuth 2.0 access is now enabled. If you present a Google OAuth 2.0
token with access to Google's info.email, then ODK Aggregate will allow all
actions that this user has been granted through the Site Admin /
Permissions page.

For developers, examples of Oauth 1.0 and Oauth 2.0 programmatic access to
ODK Aggregate can be found in the OAuthTestWebClient project in the
Aggregate Components code tree. Note that Oauth 2.0 access requires
setting up a client id and secret and the proper callback URL with Google
at their Google APIs page ( https://code.google.com/apis/console/ ).

ยทยทยท ------------- See http://code.google.com/p/opendatakit/wiki/AggregateReleaseNotes for upgrade information and futher details.

http://opendatakit.appspot.com is now running v1.0.6

Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington