ODK Aggregate 2.0.2 - FQDN not inserted in exported csv or Google Spreadsheet links

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

Using a form with repeats with ODK Aggregate V2.0.2. When I export the file as as a csv from Aggregate and attempt to view links they are not accessible. This is because unlike in 1.72 and previous versions, the link points to localhost instead of the aggregate instance.

The same issue persists when publishing to Google Sheets.

Things work if you view directly when logged into the aggregate server because localhost works for this situation

The recommended resolution is to set Aggregate to just use the FQDN in all links. It will work for the local "view" use case as well.

@ggalmazor This seems like a bug. Can you verify?

Hi, @lowly!

The links on the CSVs depend on Aggregate's configuration. Could you share your configuration here? The file we're looking for is at WEB-INF/classes/security.properties.

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I checked in the deployed WAR and found only security.properties.example (much to my suprise).[with blank hostname]. I then re-ran the Aggregate tool to generate the WAR (I am using a mac), unpacked the war and found the same thing. Looks like the file is not being created..

That's normal. I guess you're using the installer then.

In that case, the file will be inside the JAR file at WEB-INF/lib/ODKAggregate-settings.jar

Here is what I get from security.properties in the JAR file. The hostname is blank. The rest of the fields have been filled in correctly by the installer. I was careful to check that I entered my server FQDN in the installer when it asked for the hostname

security.server.superUserUsername=[redacted for security]
security.server.realm.realmString=[redacted for security]

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It's looking like the installer is not filling that field correctly. I'll file an issue and we'll work on a fix asap.

In the meantime, you can solve this by yourself doing this:

  • Stop tomcat
  • Copy all the files inside WEB-INF/lib/ODKAggregate-settings.jar to WEB-INF/classes
  • Delete WEB-INF/lib/ODKAggregate-settings.jar
  • Edit WEB-INF/classes/security.properties and set a correct value in the security.server.hostname field
  • Start tomcat