ODK aggregate ACTIVE_PAUSE Status

When I tried to PUBLISH my data from odk aggregate, the spreadsheet published only showed the column with the headings (none of the data shown). And in odk Aggregate under Form Management>Published Data in Status shows ACTIVE_PAUSE. Just wanted to know why it is showing this? I have deleted the form couple of times and re-published it but it is still showing the same issue. Help please

I am also having the same issue please, if someone could assist would be much appreciated.

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Publishers get into the ACTIVE_PAUSE state when Aggregate experiments problems sending submissions to Google Spreadsheets. There should be more information about the specific error on the logs.

Depending on your Aggregate deployment, you will have to go look for the logs to different places. Can you tell us if your Aggregate is running on Google AppEngine or if you are hosting Aggregate in your own infrastructure with Apache Tomcat?

Also, tell us about the version of Aggregate you have deployed, please.

Hi ggalmazor thank you so much for welcoming us. It's lovely to be part of a supportive forum. Yes our Aggregate is running on Google AppEngine. The version we are currently using is version 2.0.0. We tried to test by uploading a test form and publishing it (separate form from the form we were trying to publish). When we tried to publish the test form it was able to publish w/o any problems wheres the original form we need to publish is still showing ACTIVE_PAUSE. Hope this helps explains the problem

Hi @ggalmazor its okay I have managed to solve my problem yayyy. The name field for the xls form were similar to each other. So I simply changed the names for the ones that were similar.

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