ODK Aggregate AppEngine Application Problem

My name is William mitembo from Malawi, am happy to be part of this community. Am a data officer working for a social research institute. am involved with ODK when developing data collection tools and motioning data quality.

finally i need help with this:

Hi William, welcome to ODK! I'm moving and re-titling this post because it's a support question.

If you'd like help, please provide edit or reply to your post and answer the following questions.

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?

What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

What you have you tried to fix the problem?

Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or logs, attach here.

thanks for getting back to me.
problem is am failing to prepare and export a CSV file(from log error details, says requires more quota than available. i wanted to know how much quota is required for processing CSV file and downloading it even after 24 hours of waiting). am using ODK collect version 1.9.1 app on Samsung galaxy TAB A android version 5.0.2, six tablets similar tablets were used. copied is the log for the error fro the AppENgine. and screen shots of the ODK aggregate login page.

com.google.apphosting.api.ApiProxy$OverQuotaException: The API call datastore_v3.RunQuery() required more quota than is available.
at com.google.apphosting.utils.runtime.ApiProxyUtils.convertApiError (ApiProxyUtils.java:40)
at com.google.apphosting.runtime.ApiProxyImpl$AsyncApiFuture.success (ApiProxyImpl.java:589)
at com.google.apphosting.runtime.ApiProxyImpl$AsyncApiFuture.success (ApiProxyImpl.java:483)
at com.google.apphosting.runtime.stubby.StubbyCallbackAdapter.success (StubbyCallbackAdapter.java:20)
at com.google.net.rpc3.client.RpcStub$RpcCallbackDispatcher$1.runInContext (RpcStub.java:851)
at com.google.tracing.TraceContext$TraceContextRunnable$1.run (TraceContext.java:460)
at com.google.tracing.CurrentContext.runInContext (CurrentContext.java:293)
at com.google.tracing.TraceContext$AbstractTraceContextCallback.runInInheritedContextNoUnref (TraceContext.java:319)
at com.google.tracing.TraceContext$AbstractTraceContextCallback.runInInheritedContext (TraceContext.java:311)
at com.google.tracing.TraceContext$TraceContextRunnable.run (TraceContext.java:457)

Hi William,

it happened to me once.
in my case i was using a free account for google app engine and it's limitation 28 quotas / hour
remember that exporting data as csv can let you reach your limitation because of Read/Write Operations
and Queries count...

"Sorry for my English"

Best Regards

Nader Beshr

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So what do I need to do?

Hi @william1,

You can enable billing

Also, welcome to the ODK forums! We’re glad you’re here. It’d be great if you could add a profile picture and post to the Introduce yourself here! thread.

Thanks ronald profile pic coming shortly.
Billing in my country has limited access. But i will try to access a service.