ODK Aggregate Costs on Google App Engine Suddenly Increased

I have 1.4.11 Aggregate on Google App Engine and the cost is suddenly

All of the cost is for Frontend Instance Hours and Datastore Read

Al of my forms stream to Google Fusion Tables. There hasn't been any
increase in usage, and I pretty much never use the Aggregate app to view
data or anything.

I will include a screenshot of my usage.


I just had the same problem. In ODK Aggregate under Form Management check Published Data and Submission Admin for all your forms to see if anything is "stuck". If your costs suddenly drop and one of your publishers has failed that might be where the miscreant form was. In the Cloud Console you might be able to find which form is causing problems in the logs. I don't have much expertise here other than look around till you find something!

I'm now trying to find a way to set up some sort of alert to let me know when this happens. If you or anyone has any knowledge how to do this I'd really like to know!

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