ODK Aggregate Data not reflected in MySQL

Our data is reflected in ODK Aggregate but is not reflected in MySQL backend database

We are using ODK Aggregate v2.0.3, Tomcat 8.5, Java version 8 Update 221, MySQL workbench 8.0; MySQL 5.7.27

A possible cause to this could be that I initially had an error on our ODK Aggregate indicating that a form had a broken link in the Forms Lists tab (can't remember the exact error statement), to the effect that I could not fetch the particular form through the ODK Collect or even submit data.
Since the data had been backed up in CSV, we restarted Tomcat on the server, uploaded the XML form with the same version to aggregate, and later pushed the backed up CSV file back to the Aggregate server. And data submission was restored.

However, since then, MySQL now does not reflect the data collected. But fortunately, the data collected is on the Aggregate server and can be pulled and exported.

How do I re-connect the MySQL database to the same ODK aggregate data form without losing any data?
Any advice?