Please tell me how to integrate tomcat server, ODK aggregate and PostgreSQL installed separately.
Though i followed the instructions I am not able to open the ODK aggregate application in windows.
Finally at the last step when FINISH button is clicked, the following are not generated

-WAR file
-create_db_and_user.sql script

  • readme.html
    are not generated for me.

i referred the link below for installing odk aggregate


Please provide solutions. Thanks in advance

The WAR and create_db_and_user.sql should be in the folder you selected as part of the install process. Do you get any error from the installer when you finish?

Alternatively, you can use the Aggregate VM at https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-vm if you want to get up and running quickly.

Thank you.

  1. Can u please tell me what is the use of this generated create_db_and_user.sql
    and ODKAggregate.war file generated at the end of installation. what should be done with it to proceed further ?
  2. How will the data submitted in the form in ODK Collect app be stored in database in ODK Aggregate?
    Should tables be created ??

Actually my ODK COLLECT APP and ODK AGGREGATE installed on TOMCAT are being available as two separate pieces. I don't know how to integrate these two.
Please tell me the solutions.

Hi @Vijayalakshmi,

It seems you have not spent time in the available documentation. Please do so as there is plenty of information there that can't be summarized here.







I am trying to complete ODK Aggregate installation and i am on the cmd part and cmd prompt keeps giving me this response please help...

" postgres=# \cd D:/odksetup/ODK Aggregate
\cd: could not change directory to "D:/odksetup/ODK": No such file or directory
postgres=# \i create_db_and_user.sql
create_db_and_user.sql: No such file or directory
postgres=# "

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The messages you get tell that psql can't fine the sql file in "D:/odksetup/ODK"
Maybe you forgot to go into D: drive ?

  • *D:*

Before launching psql you have to go into the directory. It will be easier than fill the path in the terminal.
When you are in :

  • the launch psql
  • and then \i create_db_and_user.sql

You can also copy/paste the sql command in psql rather than launch the file.
You have to first create database role, grant user and change database owner (the 4 first line)
And after you have to connect to the new database (\c "database_name";) , create schema and grant user privileges to this schema