ODK aggregate installation is free?

Hi, I'm new in ODK, I'm having problem installing ODK aggregate.I want to know if using ODK is free. Thanks


Hi @Africa1 , yes ODK is free, in what step do you have the problem? , you going to install in local host? or in a server on internet?, What data base you use?.

Thank you @famador, I'm using Digitalocean I have open account with Digitalocean I don't understand the mode of payment. Please I need explanation. Thanks sir.

@Africa1 I share two link:
1-To created a user, acquire a plan and some configurations on digital ocean
2.- The steps to incluid aggregate on digitalocean
Use this referral link to do acquire a plan on digitalocean: https://m.do.co/c/39937689124c.

@famador thank you, you are a brother. Wish success in all you are doing. Greet every body. Thanks

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Welcome to the ODK forum, @Africa1 We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread. Hope that is a real picture of you, this helps build community!

I also encourage you to spend time in the available documentation to learn more about odk.

Hi,@ dicksonsamwel , happy to be on this platform thanks for welcoming me. I am the real person you can look at my Facebook profile with 'Sule Sylvanus Africa' I'm a Statistician with Gombe state bureau of statistics Nigeria. Thanks

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@Africa1, welcome and thanks for being part of this .

Thanks @Africa1 , success for you too.
Best regards.