ODK aggregate is constantly refreshing - Study in progress, desperately need help

I use the ODK Aggregate website to manage our ODK account, I just uploaded from new forms and now it is constantly refreshing and I cannot do anything. I also can no longer download any forms on to the tablets.

The address bar keeps flashing between https://XXXXXXX/Aggregate.html#submissions/filter/// and https://XXXXXXX/Aggregate.html

Data collection is currently in progress for our large study so its very urgent to fix this. Very worried about losing years of data.

I have no idea how to fix this, please help!

Hi @katcollins3. I'm sorry you are having issues with your Aggregate install. This issue typically occurs when the same form is accidentally uploaded twice due to a race condition. There is little risk of data loss when Aggregate gets into this state.

Since this is an LSHTM server, your best bet is to contact the LSHTM team. I've also alerted them of your post. As far as a fix, ODK Aggregate Keeps Refreshing - #25 by yanokwa is a detailed write up on what steps they have to take.


Many thanks Yanokwa for the quick reply. Fingers crossed the LSHTM team can help with the instructions you've given!

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Many thanks @yanokwa for the link to the fix - really saved me a heap of time if I'd had to figure it out myself. I've dealt with similar issues in the last with submissions having duplicate UUIDs - duplicate forms just involves twice as many internal references to fix.

Now waiting to hear from @katcollins3 if this has worked...

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Many thanks @MatthewMac and @yanokwa. It has worked. All is fixed!

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