ODK aggregate pull data with ODK Briefcase API

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i am trying to pull out the data of a for from odk aggregate,

basically the below end point is supposablely known to pull out the instances where form submissions data is , but its giving 400 error


i am making a get call with GET and Content-Type is text/xml

can you tell where i am going wrong

Please note that Aggregate is no longer being supported. Central is now the ODK server. We recommend you upgrade if possible to ensure proper functioning and security. The documentation provides instructions for different ways to set up Central. Also, Get ODK provides reliable paid cloud hosting.

The post below has for more details about the end-of-life for Aggregate.

However, someone on the forum may still be able to help you.

  • What version of Aggregate are you using?
  • Are you hosting your Aggregate on Google App Engine? Do you have a paid account or only the free level?
  • Are you providing a token or credentials in your API call?
  • Your URL query includes an empty cursor parameter?

end point is
https://oiosodkdev.cag.gov.in/ODKAggregate/view/submissionList?formId=DCTK-1001_DC-1015_Test&cursor=&numEntries=10 where i do not have any value of cursor given , and i do not have any user name and password in it , do i need it where it has to be given can you pls help

the headers is at present on Content-Type is text/xml , and its giving 400 error making a get call made in axios , i am trying to programmatically extract the data in aggregate , and the use the submission rest api to make the data go in central, that my aim.

I am not very familiar with Aggregate. Have you reviewed both of these documentation pages?

Transferring data from Aggregate to Central is discussed a little in this post:

yes i am following all the above that you mentioned , but where to put user name and password of odk aggregate.

Did you have success with any other API calls to your Aggregate server?
How did you get the formId value?
Does the error response have any additional details attached?

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no , other api i have not tried, i am trying meanwhile , will keep you posted, the form id , is the form name , that is there in ODK aggregate of our dev server, that's how i got it,

is there a rest end points how to see the complete list of projects aggregate has, and the in then in each project what all are the available forms in them , and download the corresponding form definitions , from aggregate.

Aggregate uses Basic Auth. The Authorization tab in Postman Should let you specify a type of Basic Auth and then prompt you to include your credentials.

Make sure you also follow the OpenRosa spec. You will need to specify the headers described there.

Aggregate does not have a project concept. My recollection is that the only way to get a list of forms is through the formList OpenRosa endpoint. That will not included closing or closed forms.

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