ODK Aggregate Redirect Loop

I've installed ODK Aggregate on my server. When runing the appicaction under local network, everything works fine. The problem comes using the application in a public domain. I've done a new installation of ODK Aggregate changing the local address for the public addres. The direction on the installation is configured like this:

url: odkservice.enterprise.com
port: 80

For the moment i'm not using ssl certificate so everything runs under http. When I try to browse the website, http://odkservice.enterprise.com/ODKCollect (same result deploying as root on tomcat), the application enters on a loop trying to access http://odkservice.enterprise.com/ODKCollect/Aggregate.html. In Chrome I get the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error, and the tomcat access log have docens of lines like this: - - [20/Jul/2017:14:21:20 +0200] "GET /ODKAggregate/Aggregate.html HTTP/1.1" 302 -

This error only happens browsing the web. When using "ODK FormUploader" and "ODK Collect" everything seems to work fine.

Any idea of what could be happening?

César, this problem seems related to the URL (or Internet-visible IP address or DNS name in ODK Aggregate parlance). When that URL is not configured properly, you sometimes see odd redirects.

Is odkservice.enterprise.com accessible from the Internet? Does it map directly to the server or is there some port-forwarding? When you use ODK Collect, are you on the same network as the server (e.g., Wi-Fi) or on an external network (e.g., 3G).