ODK Aggregate Server

What are the steps and requirements to set up ODK aggregate server.

In the documentation there's a section on Setting Up ODK Aggregate with details on Planning Your Aggregate Deployment, Installing Aggregate, Upgrading Aggregate, and Backing Up Aggregate. Do you have specific questions or issues not covered in the documentation?

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Actually, someone configured an ODK server on APP ENGINE, however, it shutdown the moment you stay longer. My concern is, is there a way to configure a server so that its runs all the time to ensure that project staff are able to utilize the data at anytime.

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There is also a documentation section specifically on Google App Engine Support (Legacy).

I don't understand your comment that "it shutdown the moment you stay longer." Google App Engine provides highly available servers and data storage. Are you running into the free tier limits? You may need to enable billing for larger projects.

Independent of Cloud Platform credits, App Engine allows a certain amount of free activity. These free quotas reset every 24 hours and are high enough to enable free use of ODK Aggregate during evaluation and small pilot studies.