ODK Aggregate setup on VPS

hello guys
i am trying to setup ODK Aggregate on VPS with mysql database
i installed JVM inside VPS
1.installed apatche tomcat 6
2.also deploy war as ROOT.war under my domain name
i don't know that am i wrong or right because this is my first practice with VPS
now when i am trying to enter to ODK Aggregate to setup some basic administration not able to access instead i am getting this page
any one have experience of working with VPS please help me

Hi @Khalil! For someone to help, you'll need to provide detailed descriptions or screenshots of the problems you are having. Can you provide that?

thanks dear @yanokwa i am getting this page i.e index.jsp only instead i'm not redirecting to aggregate login authentication


I don't think this is an Aggregate issue. If you've successfully installed Tomcat, you'll see something like this.

I don't know what *nix you are using, but try instructions from DigitalOcean or Linode

Then put the Aggregate.war in the webapps directory and see if http://example.com/ODKAggregate works. Then rename the war to ROOT.war and see if that works.