ODK Aggregate testing plan

Hi all!

We're working hard to launch a new release of ODK Aggregate during the next weeks. One of our main concerns at this time is to have a good testing plan to ensure everything works as expected.

You can check the testing plan @kkrawczyk123 has prepared here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kEudrRRbuLm-XP3JKQkA1E9YAD9mDO5Y0uTfmwV6Rdc/edit#gid=0

We have scheduled an online working session to go through the testing plan and detect any issues with it or requirements that would block the testing process. Our goal is to solve any issue/blocker over the next days and start testing the current contents of the master branch to produce a new version very soon.

We have scheduled the working session for today at 8:00GMT. We will update this post with the hangout URL in case anyone wants to join.
(next time we will give a notice with more days in advance, sorry!)

OK, we're live on https://hangouts.google.com/call/QMjCZRS58V0XTKx95QktAAEI

OK, so, fundamentally, the only thing we need to think about before starting to test Aggregate is if we will need to add some specific test cases for the upcoming PR that will improve logging (especially around Google API integration points) and the Sentry integration.

I will think about it and comment on it here on the following days.