ODK Aggregate v1.7 Beta

We need your help to ship great software, so please download this beta, try it, and report the issues you find. The release will be delayed until all reported issues with the beta are fixed.

If you have an ongoing data collection campaign, please do not install the beta and put your data at risk! Instead, set up a new instance on App Engine or try installing Aggregate on a local machine.

The important changes to verify in this release are:

  • Update notifications at the bottom when new Aggregate versions are available
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection for GWT apps and RPC calls
    • @W_Brunette this might have some impact on ODK 2 verification
  • API support for downloading incomplete submissions
  • Warning for deprecation of Ohmage and REDCap publishers
  • Virtual machine now supports bridged networks
    • @chiara, this should let you run the VM on any port

If you have a bit more time, please also verify the other changes in the release notes. Again, this beta will ship in a week as a final release unless you report issues below.

Download beta