Odk and formhub for tracking travel expenses

matt berg has a nice blog post on an odk use case i haven't seen
before -- geo tagging travel expenses...

"First, I designed the following expense report form in excel
(expense_report.xls). It’s very straightforward consisting of things
like the expense type, description, amount and currency with the
option of taking a photo for the receipt (or activity) and GPS of the
location (if I really want to go back and find that kebab stand). I
then upload it to my formhub account, which allows me to access it
with ODK Collect on my phone when I need it...When I’m done with a
trip, I get a clean export of my expenses in excel in the format I
defined and if I log the location, I can even see where I traveled on
a map which is kind of fun."

full post at http://blog.formhub.org/2011/12/09/staying-even-how-to-use-formhub-and-odk-collect-to-track-your-travel-expenses