ODK and ODK-X Workflow

  1. Is it possible to push blanc forms directely from ODK Briefcase to ODK Collect without passing by a server (Aggregate
    or Central) ? The official documentation just sais that we can pull forms directly from Collect to Briefcase. Now I want to know if the inverse case is possible.

  2. About ODK-X : I want to know if it possible to push forms directly from ODK-X Survey to ODK-X Suitcase without
    passing by a Clound EndPoint or to pull blanc forms from Suitcase to Survey (forms previously designed with ODK-X Application Designer).

@W_Brunette ; @yanokwa ; @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN . @elmps2018 and @All, can you answer me please ?

I don't know, if my questions are clear ?

Briefcase cannot push a form to odk collect, you can manually put the form in the device using pc by connecting the device, then look for the odk folder in devices memory or sdcard memory. Then put the xml file in form directory.

The links below provides a clean descriptions of what the tools can do



thanks @dicksonsamwel .

I think it olso available for ODK-X (formerly ODK-2.0) ? After designing a form with ODK-Application Designer we can manualy put the form.xml file in the odk folder of the device (in device's memory or sdcard memory) ? Am I right ?

See the link below


It provides instruction of installing a sample application in odk-x


So without a server to pull from, using ODK-X suitcase does not make a lot of sense. However, from the tablet you can import and export csvs of surveys and then dropbox them or email or whatever to yourself, which achieves a similar result. See https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk-x/tables-managing/#table-manager for info on importing and exporting.


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