ODK and Rinex GNSS Capture

What is the general goal of the feature?
ODK only collect one coordinate for point, but don't save all the data for differential correction in Android devices.
Since Android 7.0, exists the API to get this data from the GPS (in some hardware)

What are some example use cases for this feature?
Improve all capture coord's with differential correction, for example in infrastructure capture

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Can you tell me more about your use-case and why the differential correction data is needed? What format do you imagine this data would be exported as to be useful?

Hi Yaw, thanks for your answer, the differential correction its important to get more precision; for example two poles with less than 2m of separation, with a normal GPS you get about 3m, so it is difficult to know which pole is the one we capture.

I'm reading and get information about tools like RTKLib ( http://www.rtklib.com/ ), and get raw data from the Phone GPS with tools like ┬┤Geo++ RINEX Logger┬┤, but I would like the integration of ODK to this kind of tools.

Hi Freddy,

So for each GPS coordinate you gather, you'd also like to get the raw GNSS measurement data as an attachment in a RINEX file? Including pseudoranges, carrier phases, doppler frequencies and noise values. How do you plan to process the RINEX file?

Also, why not just get a more accurate GPS and pair it via Bluetooth to your device?


Hi Yaw, you are right, I need a RINEX with a unique code to each ODK row, or something similar.

To make the correction (process the RINEX file), I'm reading about free tools , tools like RTKLib (http://www.rtklib.com/)

I try with a more accurate GPS and connect that with bluetooth, but the permanent comunication quickly dry the battery, another problems is that you need diferents software to collet the data, ODK y another is the project for get the RINEX, and two separate process induce to error. Actually I'm working with EMLID Reach GPS.

This is not a highly requested feature, so would you be able to specify it and contribute the code?