ODK Briefcase 1.0 Beta (with CSV output) and ODK FormUploader 1.0 Beta available for download

ODK Briefcase v1.0 Beta
ODK FormUploader v1.0 Beta

are now available for download here:

Briefcase copies the submissions in ODK Collect, Aggregate 0.9.x and
Aggregate 1.0 onto your local disk and can submit them to an Aggregate 1.0
instance. With the Beta release, Briefcase now can also generate CSV output
comparable to the Briefcase applet of 0.9.x.

FormUploader is a tool for uploading forms with media files.

Please file any bug reports in our issue tracker, and be sure to note what
software versions you're using (e.g., ODK Collect 1.1.7 RC2 and/or ODK
Aggregate 1.0 RC4, ODK Briefcase 1.0 Beta, ODK FormUploader 1.0 Beta):


We had a lot of people from the community provide great feedback and code
that went into this release, and we'd like to thank everyone for helping to
improve and push the project forward!

ยทยทยท -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer http://www.OpenDataKit.org University of Washington mitchellsundt@gmail.com