ODK Briefcase and Aggregate issue

I am using ODK Aggregate and Briefcase with mysql database.

One of our ODK form is very large (with repeated groups) so data of this form come in five tables in database but due to huge volume I am unable to export this form data from server directly, there is any way to export this form data from server.
Also I have tried to export this form data from ODK briefcase but it failed.

Please share any way to extract this form data apart from database.

And server data create instance in system please share the directory?

Record in ODK form : above 50000 (and still collecting on daily basis)
System configuration : 64bit, 8GB RAM

What specific versions of Aggregate and Briefcase are you using?

When you say Briefcase failed, how specifically did it fail? Can you attach a log?

ODK Aggregate- ODK Aggregate v1.4.13 windows
Briefcase - ODK-Briefcase-v1.10.0-beta.0

After extracting 10000 data (from 50000) it shows failed message.

@Hema The beta you are using is very outdated. Please upgrade to the latest non-beta version of Briefcase (v1.15) and try again. If you are still having problems, attach the briefcase.log to your post.