ODK Briefcase application preview is available for download

Briefcase functionality becomes a desktop application for ODK Aggregate 1.0
and beyond.

A preview version of this functionality is available at

Bulk-upload forms and submissions from the local machine to an
Aggregate 1.0 server.

Bulk-upload forms and submissions from an attached ODK Collect phone
to an Aggregate 1.0 server.

Bulk-transfer forms and submissions from one Aggregate 1.0 server to another.

Bulk-download forms and submissions from an Aggregate 1.0 server to
the local machine.

NOTE: bulk-transfer and bulk-download will report failures on forms
that have no submissions. This issue will be fixed in a future update
to ODK Aggregate 1.0.

If you have Java installed on your laptop, you just need to double-click
this file to start the application.

Features not yet implemented:

  • csv generation functionality similar to the briefcase applet available in
  • ability to download and transfer forms and submissions from 0.9.x
    (migration path)
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