ODK briefcase data export from ODK collect

Dear members,

i have the data in my android odk folder and now i have not access to the server where our data has been sent, i need the data once again, i am using ODK briefcase to pull and export the data. when i export the data in CSV file, it shows only numbers and the text shows with unknown marks. additionally, the columns name (the question asked from respondent) is also shows as a short code (A-a1 ... etc). can any one help me in this regard, how to export my data correctly from my android ODK folder??
also, the exported data is saved in 3 files
your help is most appreciated in advance.

bellow is screen shot of exported data. exported data

Excel will not import CSVs with Unicode characters like ã, ß, and 箸 correctly if you double-click the file or open it from the File menu. You must use the Text Import Wizard and specify a file origin of Unicode (UTF-8, 65001) and the comma delimiter.


Thank you so much @yanokwa , in above screenshot, the columns "M,N,O" are text column column (Name, F/Name, province) in Pashto Language, now they give it like unknown marks. also, the column name (name, F/Namer, province) is not exported while instead codes (A-a1, A-a2 .....) are replaced in column.
please let me know if there is any other tools/method to export my data correctly.
thank you very much once again.