ODK Briefcase exporting data duplication

I am using ODK Briefcase 1.15.0. When I go to export the data into a csv file, I am finding that if I have downloaded the data previously, it duplicates that previous data into the file. To avoid this happening, should I click on "Overwrite existing files" in the "Default Export Configuration" in the ODK Briefcase app? When I go to do this, it says "The default behaviour is to append to existing files." so not sure this is the right thing to do and wanted to check with this community first before I do something disastrous :slight_smile:

I have checked previous questions on this topic and I am afraid the answers provided weren't clear to me.

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This is the choice if you want to avoid duplicates.
Or move the csv before a new export as indicated here :point_down:

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Thank you for your help.