ODK Briefcase failing to pull data from ODK Aggregate

  1. What is the problem? Be very detailed

I have been trying to pull my data from my ODK Aggregate that is installed on AWS but it gives the below error despite using the correct credentials and URL. However, the form's user on Aggregate is anonymousUser.

  1. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.
    ODK Aggregate v2.0.5
    ODK Briefcase v1.10.0
    Dell Latitude e7240 Windows 10 Home

  2. What you have you tried to fix the problem?
    Using different credentials to log in to the server on Briefcase
    Using ODK Briefcase v1.10.0, I was initially using v1.7.0

  3. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

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Hi @KrisK
could you maybe try the latest version of ODK Briefcase? You are using v1.10.0/1.7.0 while the newest version is v1.17.4.

I tried pulling data using v1.17.4 and it still didn't work.

With the same error result?

Yes, but not a detailed error

Yeah not detailed at all. I can't tell you what's wrong on the top of my head. If you need help you can give me credentials and (in private of course) and I can try it by myself (and debug ODK Briefcase) in my free time.

Yes, sure.

Kindly share with me your email, mine is nyathirakanga@gmail.com

gorczykowski@soldevelo.com you can also just send a private message here on the forum.

Ok I was able to figure out what's wrong:

  1. Your form_id in the form file contains blank space at the end: id="dnlt_odk_form "
  2. Briefcase reading it trims it.
  3. Then if you try to download your submissions you try to find submissions for id="dnlt_odk_form" (without that space) and it doesn't work.

Aggregate should deal with it as well but we no longer work on it so we won't fix it. You as a form creator also should try to avoid such strange ids that might cause problems.

I added to your server the same form but without that blank space hoping that it will solve the problem. The result is that now we don't get the same error but submissions are still not downloaded.

I don't know how important your data is could you make a copy exporting your submissions from Aggregate (the old form with submissions is second on the list so don't be afraid if you see an empty list for the first one) and then I (or you) could try to remove one of those forms because now they are duplicated? That could solve the issue but I'm afraid of loosing data accidentally.