ODK briefcase has gotten extremely slow in downloading the collected data

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@Yohan_Parmanand What version of Briefcase are you using and on what operating system? Did the problem start with a particular version of Briefcase? Does the problem improve when you go to an older version?

And what server are you using (e.g., ODK Aggregate 1.4.15 on App Engine)? Did anything change on the server that might cause a slowdown (e.g., tons more submissions).

I am using briefcase v1.5.0

i have had a consistent stream of data for the last year with no issue on the same version of briefcase.

Try an upgrade to ODK Briefcase v1.9? It has two features (added in v1.7) that should make things go a lot faster.

  • The check existing instances happens much faster when pulling
  • Download instances in parallel for much faster pulls (enable in Settings)

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