ODK-Briefcase Prob

Hello, everyone
I have a problem with the ODK Briefcase.

Background information: I don't use a server. I load the instances locally on my computer and build the ODK-Collect app there (with the forms and metadata folders)

That always works.
Pull works, but then the export does not work or it does not start and shows "not yet exported" for the entire time.

Is this a known problem?

I'll zip up the folders and upload them here. It would be great if someone could take a look at this, if a solution for the problem is not already known.
Download here


Hi @Dominik,

I tested with ODK Briefcase and I can experience the same problem as you.
And nothing in the log to help.

I tried with an old version of Briefcase (1.16.3) and it works smoothly.

I hope this helps.

AurelioBR_Erfassung.zip (6.1 KB)

Oh, thanks a lot
Do you know where I can find the old versions?
I just founded 1.18

Here you can find all releases

Thanks a lot
You save my day.
Best regards