ODK Briefcase unable to open Form database

Hi everyone,
I'm relative new to ODK Briefcase. I've been trying to pull data from Aggregate Server on web but I'm having some errors. Tho it was able to display the form but could not download the datasets (CSV). But when I opened the "ODK Briefcase Storage", I saw XLM Form definition that I initially uploaded to the Aggregate Server.

The error recorded was "unable to open form database" as quoted below. I have also attached herewith the screenshot of the error message.

"Fetching form definition
resolving against briefcase form definitions
unable to open form database: No suitable driver found for jdbc:hsqldb:file:C:\Users\OGAH\Desktop\MAIN\ODK Briefcase Storage\forms\Smart Philanthropy Survey\info.hsqldb\info"

I'm using ODK Briefcase version 1.8 (ODK Briefcase v1.8.0 Production) on Windowns 8.1 PC.

I have tried installing mysql-connector-java-5.1.45.tar but failed to install or run on my PC.
I also tried using a lower version of ODK, (ODK Briefcase v1.4.10) but did not work or run.

I don't want to export the data directly from the browser because of the repeat cases and multiple choices.

Please what else can I do? Any help is highly welcome.

Hi @OGAH_I.G! Could you try the latest version of Briefcase? We released a new version last week and made changes to the HSQL driver your Briefcase is complaining about...

You can get it here: https://github.com/opendatakit/briefcase/releases

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Thank you ggalmazor https://forum.getodk.org/u/ggalmazor Guillermo
But this new version of ODK briefcase version 1.9.0 < https://github.com/
opendatakit/briefcase/releases > is not working on my Windows 8.1 PC.

That's strange... Briefcase should run perfectly on Win8.1 (we test it on Win8.1 and Win10). Could you copy here any error message?

Also, what version of Java are you running? One way to know that is to the command java -version on the command line.

Well, there was no error message trying to run ODK Briefcase v1.9.0 and I'm
using Java 7 Update 17.

Alright, that's the problem. We don't support Java7 anymore since v1.9.0. You need to upgrade it to Java8 or Java9.

If you install Java8 update 161, working with encrypted forms is much simpler.

I have also tried installing Java 8 update 161 but failed at some point.
The error message is also attached here.


Ok, let's try with the offline installers. Try one of these: https://www.itechtics.com/java-8-update-161-offline-installers-operating-systems/#Windows

OK, please help me with the link for java8 update 161 and/or java9. The one
I downloaded is a binary link.

So I found these:

They are .exe installers that you need to run. After doing that, you should be able to run java -version again and confirm that you're running Java8.

Thank you very much Guillermo.
Your last suggestion solved the problem.
I upgraded ODK Briefcase to the latest version 1.9.0 and also upgraded java
to java8 update 161, then data pulling became successful.

Though I'd like to bring to your knowledge that the download rate is too
slow. It took a very long time to download a very small form instance from
the server.

However, I'm so grateful for your help. Many thanks!

Alright @OGAH_I.G, I'm glad you have everything working now.

If the slow download rates persist, don't hesitate to post something on Support :wink:

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