ODK Briefcase v1.12 Beta

We need your help to ship great software, so please download this beta, try it, and report the issues you find. The release will be delayed until all reported issues with the beta are fixed.

@Tonym, Kunal Mulwani, @jpknox, and others who filed issues: thank you for your contributions! Please confirm that the beta fixes those issues. If not, please report it below.

For everyone else who uses Briefcase, the important changes to verify are:

  • Improved performance of the export operation

  • Improvements to the UI, including:

  • New CLI flags:

    • Enable splitting multiple choice fields when exporting forms
    • Enable pulling forms before export
    • Enable pulling submissions in parallel
  • New errors export output to make it easier to provide support

If you have a bit more time, please also verify the other changes in the release notes. Again, this beta will be released on Wednesday unless you report issues below.

Download beta