ODK Briefcase v1.17 Beta

We need your help to ship great software, so please download this beta, try it, and report the issues you find. The release will be delayed until all reported issues with the beta are fixed.

For everyone who uses Briefcase, the important changes to verify are:

  • New "smart append" feature that will export only submissions that are new since the last export of the same form.

  • Now Briefcase stores form metadata in metadata.json files in the storage directory. For now, we store the following metadata:

    • The last used cursor of pull operations. This cursor is used to support the "Start pull from last submission pulled" feature.
    • The last exported submission's submission date. This date is used to support the new "smart append" feature that can be enabled with the -sa CLI flag.

    The bottom line is that now it should be easier to share storage directories between colleagues.

  • Now Briefcase will clean and validate user input in the pull source & push target dialogs.

  • Other things that would be great to get feedback about:

    • Update notification at the bottom of the UI window
    • Made the -id CLI arg optional. When not present, all available forms will be pulled or pushed.

Download beta