ODK build (CSV) type is not usable

Dear members!
I built a form in odk build, its type is CSV, now I can not use it in odk collect on my mobile, when I get black from it gives massage that its is not proper type of file, (its html),and when I open this form with computer or my mobile, it is completely blank, there is no any question I wrote there,
so, please help me, how to create, convert and use a form in 1,2,3 steps.
thanks in advance every one

Are you using https://build.opendatakit.org/? You want to be sure to use the options in the "File" dropdown menu of ODK Build and not in the web browser's "File" menu.

  • "Export to XML..." should give you a *.xml file
  • "Export to XLSForm" should give you a *.xlsx file
  • "Save Form to File..." should give you a *.odkbuild file

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Your output file has an .html extension? Is it possible that you used the web browser's "Save Page As..." option? This is not what you want to use.
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Dear Danbjoseph, thank you so much for your instruction, but i am using upload xml., but when i want to open it, i do not open a form, it is opening only codes, and beside, my mobile odk collect massage me that it is hml.

above one is my form, when i want to open it in my computer
thanks in advance for your help

I am sorry but I am not clear on your workflow.

  1. You have created a form using ODK Build ?
  2. You have used the "Upload Form to Aggregate..." option from the "File" menu in ODK Build?
  3. You use the "Get Blank Form" option in ODK Collect on your phone to connect to your ODK Aggregate, select the form(s) you want, and "Get Selected" to download them to your phone?

yes, you are right, only when I click on (get blank form) it give me massage that the form time is not html, it is not xml, so I can not get it.

If you can take screenshots of the problem and upload here, that might help troubleshoot.