ODK Build how to make a link of 3 options to 1 relevant

Hi, I am working on a form over odk build which I need to make question 10 to be relevant when any of the first 3 options in question 9 is select.

Hello Omundy,

you can download the excel from the ODK build. And try to put ${Q9} = '1' or ${Q9} = '2' or ${Q9} = '3' in relevant.

Here is the sample form in excel.
sample.xls (25.5 KB)

Hope this works for you .

Dinesh Dongol

I am using ODK Build (https://build.opendatakit.org) would it work.

Yes it does work. You need define in relevance in question 10. Try it out . Or you can share your excel file over here

am working over here so will it work

Yes. you need to put this ${Q9} = '1' or ${Q9} = '2' or ${Q9} = '3' in relevance in question 10.

I guess in your case its question PF9. and PF10.

you need to try first.

ok I will try it and report back.
Thank you very much.

The right solution depends on whether Q9 is a select_one or a select_multi. If a select_one, then yes, @Dnes_Dangol answer is correct:

Q10: relevant = "${Q9}='1' or ${Q9}='2' or ${Q9}='3' "

If Q9 is a select_multi, then you need to check whether the answer contains any of the desired responses, using selected():

Q10: relevant = "selected(${Q9},'1') or selected(${Q9},'2') or selected(${Q9},'3') "

Its not working for ODK Build online maybe on excel it will work but am using ODK build not excel.
any suggestion again please.

below is the error message that appear when uploading the form with "${Q9}='1' or ${Q9}='2' or ${Q9}='3' " on it to the ODK Aggregate.
Error: Problem with JavaRosa Parsing Form: org.opendatakit.aggregate.exception.ODKIncompleteSubmissionData: Javarosa failed to construct a FormDef. Is this an XForm definition?

${Q9} is XLSForm shorthand. In ODK Build you need to specify the actual full pathname of the question; eg /data/mygroup/question_9

would this work for ODK Build.
wow it worked.
Thanks alot