ODK Build offline upload Form to Aggregate failure

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I am using ODK Build 0.3.5 offline version and try to upload form to Aggregate but I get "Could not upload the form. Please check your internet connection, and try again." error message.

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.

  • I am running ODK Aggregate server in using XAMPP (upgraded tomcat server to 8.5.41);
  • ODK Build and ODK Aggregate Server are running in the same computer;
  • No SSL certificate;
  • I can access "" on my browser;
  • I use ODK Collect also with Bluestacks and the server is set to "" and it can communicate to ODK Aggregate server (IP: is used as gateway between bluestacks android emulator and computer);

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?

  • Remove anti-virus in computer;
  • Turn off Windows all firewalls;
  • Try http or https protocol in ODK Build;
  • Try IP in ODK Build;
  • Try the actual IP (like in ODK Build;
  • Try to create a new user account in Aggregate Credentials
  • The form is valid both in ODK Aggregate Server and ODK Collect. If I export the form from ODK Build to XML file and import it to ODK Aggregate Server, the form can work properly in ODK Aggregate Server and also in ODK Collect.

4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?
I never connect to ODK Aggregate Server from ODK Build successfully

5. Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or logs, attach below.

Attached three photos for your reference.

This one is the ODK Aggregate Server login page:

This one is ODK Build error message:

This one is also ODK Build error message. The different between that one and the above one is the loading icon will know a few seconds in this picture but the above one will tell me the connection problem immediately (less than 0.5 second).

hi @ewezer: sorry to hear that you are having problems. my best guess right now is that Build may not be respecting your :8080 port designation, but i'm not yet sure. i am unfortunately sort of slammed with other work right now so i can't give it a test myself and see if that is indeed the issue.

i hope to get around to this in the next week or so; in the meantime is it possible for you to export to XML and then upload the XML manually to aggregate instead?

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Hi @ewezer

I'm sorry you are experiencing this difficulty.

Would be helpful to provide the specific aggregate version you are using the issue can be replicated.

Also, did you use the same aggregate server to download the forms unto bluestacks ?

Lastly do you have access to the tomcat logs, any other error displayed in the logs?


Thanks. Issa. Now I am using your method to export XML file and then import to aggregate. This method is working properly.

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Hi, John

My ODK Aggregate server version is v2.0.3. I think it is the latest version already;

I am using the same ODK Aggregate server with bluestacks. In fact, all of them (Aggregate, Bluestack (with ODK collect) are installing in the same computer);

I use "" or "" (This is my computer IP and I can use the same IP to access Aggregate server through browser) in ODK Build setting, and trying to monitor all log files of Tomcat. Seem there is no any updates in log file after I press "export" button in ODK Build;