ODK Build restored and updated

Hi all,

ODK Build is back up and running. In addition, over the past week or two we've gone through and resolved most of the outstanding issues people have been having with the application:

• Groups now allow looping
• Forms will validate and inform you when you attempt to do something that will break Aggregate (let me know if I missed any cases)
• Select One and Select Many no longer lose their values
• Long question prompts will no longer break the workspace
• Barcode questiontype is now supported

In addition, form id generation to comply with Aggregate's requirements had been done a long time ago but was improperly deployed due to an error on my part; that is now fixed as well.

Please let me know either via email or the Google code project if there remain any severe (or non-severe) outstanding issues I should be looking at, or if you have a preference as to what I should get working next. The current list of things we want to do, in order, are:

  1. Performance improvements to the client-side application
  2. Resource bundling — this item will greatly benefit those of you on low-bandwidth, high-latency connections
  3. Export directly to Aggregate
  4. Friendlier welcome UI and initial feature walkthrough
  5. Better navigation for large forms
  6. Logic editor for determining whether a question is shown
  7. Branching based on that logic editor
  8. Offline editing of forms