ODK Build v0.4.x

Release highlights

  • v0.4.x - April 13th, 2022
    • Form audit log support to log enumerator behavior
    • Configurable auto-send and auto-delete in form properties
    • start_geopoint question for background location capture and pre-warming GPS
    • bearing appearance for decimal question
    • likert appearance for select one
    • email metadata question
    • short attribute for labels to add concise label shown in ODK Collect's hierarchy view
    • image, bigImage, audio, and video attributes for media questions
    • guidance attribute for hints to add text that can be toggled by enumerators
    • Form ID and version syntax changed to work better with ODK Central's form versioning
    • Improved error handling when no form selected in My Forms
    • Improved XLSForm export naming
    • Detailed release notes: https://github.com/getodk/build/releases
      Use release
  • https://build.getodk.org

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Enormous thanks to @Florian_May (of ruODK fame) for contributing all the improvements in this release.