ODK Central API documentation - OData comparison operators

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In the machine description of the API documentation (dark right panel), it seems there is a small inconsistency in the list of OData comparison operators that can be used to perform $filter operations:

  • "greater than or equals" = le operator (and not lte as listed in the doc)
  • "less than or equals" = ge operator (and not gte as listed in the doc)

I found this documented for the following two services (possibly not exhaustive):

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Hi @Thalie,
I faced it last year and we discussed about it here without opening a dedicated issue for the documentation.


@mathieubossaert - Thanks for reporting and linking with the issue! I actually hesitated to post here rather than on GitHub (where I would probably have found your issue report), but thought it may be handy for other users, in case there are other export functions impacted (as I didn't check them exhaustively). It seems from your initial discussion that it has been partly corrected but not everywhere in the documentation. At least it was helpful to have the link to the OData standard referenced in the text of the Data Document service.

@Florian_May - This would also need to be corrected in the documentation for ruODK, as these elements are reproduced from ODK Central's documentation (in case ruODK users do not want to go deep into the API doc).


I thought I had mentioned it on the forum but I was surprise not :wink: . Classically I post issues and bugs here.

Thanks, @Thalie and @mathieubossaert! I've pushed a PR to replace lte and gte with le and ge in the API docs. I also noticed in the screenshot that * is displayed as *, so the PR will also fix that.

By the way, the Forum is a great place to discuss technical topics and documentation issues! We will sometimes create a GitHub issue after seeing a topic in the Forum (or track the issue a different way), so the Forum is a great place for conversations to begin.