ODK Central Future Briefcase Setup

What is the general goal of the feature?
When a form is marked as closing on ODK-Central

  • it can submit data
  • data can be downloaded from the server
  • the form can't be downloaded on the mobile app
    (this is all perfect)

Currently with the equivalent settings on aggregrate it is only possible to download data using the export function of aggregate not to pull with briefcase. This effectively means you can't use the "closing" state for complex forms on aggregate because you can't pull with briefcase which is the only efficient way to handle nested loops, media files and importantly encrypted data.

I know that briefcase functionality is not yet enabled for central but please please please make it possible to download forms marked as closing using briefcase when working with ODK-Central.

Thank you for sharing this, @dr_michaelmarks! This sounds quite reasonable to me and will be useful to keep in mind for Central.