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Hi, dear all.
Please, can somebody tell me how to delete a submission for a given project?
In advance, thanks for your help.

We don't yet offer a UI to delete submissions (but it is doable at the DB level).

Learning more about the reason you want to delete will help us shape the feature. For example, is it because you have training data that needs to be cleared out? Did someone make a mistake in entry that needs correction?


thanks for your reply..
The reason is that we have training data to be cleared out.
please, what do you mean by " DB" in "DB level"?
Thanks, again.

Sorry for using technical jargon! DB means database. If you have direct access to the database, you can delete the submissions.

For training, you can use two forms, but one technique I like is adding a question at the start that asks if the form is for training or for real. This approach is nice because then you are using the exact same form so there is no confusion. It's also nice because your data collectors can practice even if there is a real campaign going on.

who can have direct access to the DB?
how to access directly the DB?
I can do it without creating damage.

Thanks for this solution that I find longer than deleting at the DB level.

Can you please give a little more explanation?

@Amal It's generally not a good idea to edit ODK's underlying database, and I'm regretting even motioning it because it can be tricky to do correctly!

@Raj_Pravat Add a select_one question at the beginning of your form that asks "Is this data collection effort for practice or for real?". Then when you download your CSV at the end of your campaign, you can filter by that column.

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Hi @yanokwa,
Thanks a lot. I am so slow sometimes, excellent trick.
Regards, Raj

thanks so much.