ODK Central on AWS crashed or stopped working

Hi everyone,

Please we were using ODK Central on AWS for our data collection and our server stopped working. At the time we had 100s of enumerators on the field. Now they cannot send their data from their phone. Hint: Different QR codes were given to them. We have contacted AWS but no response.

Another server is being worked on and hopes to back up the data from the old server.

Will it be possible for the enumerators to send their data to the new server when everything is recreated as before? What about the QR codes, can we recreate them?

We are hoping the old server is restored. If the server is restored, will the enumerators be able to send their data?

Thank you.

Hey @Emmanuel_Inkoom ,
If you can share screenshots then those will be a great help for all of us to provide you best solution. Did you see Error 500 or 400?

Here are a few suggestions from my side
Try to log in on to your Amazon Machine and restart your instance.
Check how much memory you have on your machine with the df-h command and increase space if you are with low memory on your Amazon instance.
Then restart your server with the docker-compose restart command.

Hope this will work.
Below thread can help you:

Now for data collector works:
There will be one folder in their phone name with ODK, you can get all of the forms which have been submitted on the server. And you can pull that data from phone with help of ODK Briefcase. Then create an excel sheet and merge all data into a different sheet.


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Thank you for your support. The message has been forwarded to the IT team.

If you made a whole machine backup and restore the old machine to a new machine, then everything will work as expected.

If you made a PostgreSQL DB backup (or used Central's built-in backups) and restore that, everything but public access links or links to web forms will work on the new machine. This is documented at https://docs.getodk.org/central-backup.

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Very grateful for your support all the time. Please we have been able to restart data collection today with previous data submitted successfully.

Thank you.