ODK central on Digital Ocean- cp: missing destination file operand

Following the instruct from https://github.com/opendatakit/central#running-on-digitalocean to set up ODK Central through the 13rd step, I get the message : cp: missing destination file operand ... as show in the picture.

What it mean, what i need to do next.
Pls help.

Great to see you trying out Central!

It looks like you're missing a space between the source and the destination in the copy command. It should be cp files/docker-compose@.service /etc/systemd/system. The goal is to copy certain Docker files from the Central distribution to a system folder at /etc/systemd/system.

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Thank Hélène.
It worked.
Now i move next step to start the docker. Here is the result.

But after that I can't type: docker-compose ps to see if ODK has finished loading inside of Docker.
Pls give me more help.

The output there actually all looks good. What you are seeing there is the result of running systemctl status docker-central@compose, but because Linux thinks the output is too long to just directly print for you it instead printed the output into a text reader application.

It's confusing the first few times this happens, I know, but it's just how it works. You can tell this has happened by all the ~s along the left margin indicating empty lines, and the highlighted lines 1-18/18 (END) at the very bottom of the screen.

Inside this text reader, you can use the arrow keys or pageup/pagedown to scroll, or you can press letter q to quit back to the main command prompt.

Don't worry, this won't quit Central; remember that the command you ran was just systemctl status, so you're just quitting the status log.

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Thank you Clint. Look like I've successful created ODK central. Now I move next step to study how to use the Central.