ODK Central only install (no other containers)

Hi to all,

I have to manage permissions and group of odk users so I would like to install Central over an existing Docker installation, with an already working postgresl container and behind an nginx (nginx proxy/let's encrypt-nginx-proxy-compagnon)

Is there any documentation to help me with this "Central" only docker install ?

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Salut Mathieu,

I've had a similar problem, needing to shoe-horn Central into our Kubernetes setup and rip apart the nicely packaged mail/proxy/ssl certs setup. My working setup is written up (also see my comments) at Installing ODK central in microsoft azure cloud - #2 by Florian_May - does that help at all?


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Hi Florian,

Yes I think it will help a lot. I'll try friday and will let you know.
Thanks à lot.

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Thanks a lot Florian, it helped me to understand Collect organization.
But I am finally facing some problems.
I tried to create my own docker-compose file using the informations I found in your posts but it is not so simple. I'll try to take some time ti investigate deeper in february.
I want to create a collect instance to separately host forms from different partners. I think that Collect will make me save some time instead of setting-up and maintain different Aggregate servers...

There's always the balance of simplicity (running as close to original as possible) and practicality (running as close to your IT infrastructure as possible) :wink:
I'm now running two separate ODK Central instances, one for production, one for UAT, using my k8s setup, orchestrated by Rancher (all through my browser, fantastic, also scriptable through API), finally reverse proxied by our nginx server.